What’s good for our customer is good for us!

Our business was started in 1973 by Bobby Sturdivant and family. We hesitate to use the word “founded” as our main objective in ’73 was to earn food and shelter. By the mid 70’s we came to realize that hard work and a sincere concern for our customers was producing a fair return. Maybe by this time we were becoming founded.

Our philosophy has been hammered out one customer at a time by visualizing ourselves on the other side of the sales counter. In the words of company president and general manager, David Sturdivant, “How would this deal look if we were spending my money?” The business is wrapped around the premise that whatever is good for our customer is also good for us.

Thus our motto: We do what we say, we do it with a smile, and we do it now!


Tire mounting & repair
Rotating & balancing
Wheel alignment
Nitrogen inflation
TPMS Service


Brake Maintenance
Muffler Replacement
Tailpipe Replacement
Custom Exhaust
Pipe Bending


We can restore that
amazing new car
feel and handling
you’ve been missing!
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